Sterilizer 3000

Removing bad smells is an issue many boat and car owners have to deal with at least once in their life. What we propose is to use our range of OAS Ozone generators. These achieve long lasting results in an eco-friendly way, avoiding manual application of potentially harmful chemical products!

Easy to use, Sterilizer 3000 has been designed as a compact and robust unit you can take anywhere, the case is made of nicely curved ABS that can be placed on any surface without harming your interior furnishings. In addition to the above advantages, we have divided the Ozone output in two directions so the integrated fan provides an even spread of Ozone in the treatment area i.e. avoiding significant Ozone hotspots. (Plastics and wood friendly)

Sterilizer 3000 is the ideal tool for removal of tobacco, mould and animal odors or allergens such as pollen. Designed to be easily taken anywhere, this unit is used extensively for vehicle, hotel room, boat and mobile home treatment as well as maintenance of designated smoking areas. Sterilizer 3000 has programmable controls for both Ozone output and a timed treatment period!